WBI’s Timeline

2012: Marnee Chua and Jessie Rymph created Ellie’s Coworking + Childcare space in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle. Coworking existed but they faced several challenges in pursuit of an onsite full-day licensed childcare center at the space.

2014: Ellie’s Coworking moved to the Greenwood neighborhood and blossomed into Works Progress, which is currently open and is a successfully running coworking space.

November 2015: Members of Works Progress still faced a childcare dilemma. They needed flexible childcare that aligned with their inconsistent schedules as contractors, freelancers, remote workers. Marnee and Jessie gathered a group of parents determined to finally create a solution for the childcare dilemma along with supporting women with other barriers they face in business and in their careers such as help with finding funding, mentors, business resources, etc. The Women’s Business Incubator was born.

2016: Women’s Business Incubator (WBI) created networking events and other outreach events to spread awareness around Seattle.

July 2016: WBI received its 501(c)3 designation.

September 2016: WBI reached the SVP (Social Venture Partners) Fast Pitch Competition Quarterfinals.

September 2016 – November 2016: WBI launched its coworking with childcare popup series at Wunderkind Lego play cafe.

November 2016: Found a space to pilot its coworking with childcare program inside of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle.

December 2016: Created a crowdfunding campaign and launch party to raise funds for this Green Lake space.

February 2017: Doors open at WBI’s coworking with childcare space.

September 2017: WBI rebrands the Green Lake space as The Inc, community coworking + playschool to provide a clearer message that all parents in need of flexible childcare are welcome to join. We pitched The Inc. as our flagship program for SVP Fast Pitch and made it to the semi-finals!