Sounds Cool, But I Have Questions!

Is it only for moms?

Everyone is welcome to cowork – including dads! Please keep in mind that our pricing is based off of participants who have a child attending our drop-in preschool or who are bringing a younger child with them for the Cowork/Coplay Room. When we have more space for coworking, we will expand our options to include more flexibility for all!

Everyone is welcome to our networking events! 

Is it only for start-ups and businessses? What if I freelance or work for someone else? 

Join us! If you need help getting productive work done and getting back into the work force after having your children, we want to be there for you!

How does the preschool work? 

The preschool program is designed for children ages 2 1/2 -5 and provides supervised and age-appropriate creative learning and movement activities with sensory-rich imaginary play.  Our daily schedule encourages self-discovery and independent play through structured and unstructured group interaction.

The Women’s Business Incubator offers a truly flexible preschool for your children. With our flexible packages you can book online the preschool hours you need. Our fixed-day packages can help you decide the days that work best for your family, while ensuring you have the time you need. You can upgrade or downgrade your package on a monthly basis to match your needs –  when work increases or you go on holiday.

Where can I park?

St. Andrew’s has several dedicated parking spaces on the side of the building, in addition, there is ample street parking in the neighborhood.

What if I need to bring my small child (younger than 2 1/2)?

You can! Unfortunately, we do not have childcare available for all ages yet, however, you will be welcome to join our cowork/coplay package and let your little ones play in the second play room while you supervise. There will be tables and chairs available for you (and coffee) to try and catch up with some email while you’re there!

Have more questions? 

Please shoot us an email: contact@womensincubator.org