Board of Directors

The Board of the Women’s Business Incubator is comprised of individuals with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds who all share the same vision of improving women’s business and career success through greater gender equity in high level jobs, financial strategies, and business leadership.

Motivated by their own personal experiences and seeing other smart, talented women face significant barriers when starting a business or advancing their careers, the Women’s Business Incubator Board is taking action to create a supportive network of resources to help equalize the professional landscape for women. Let’s Meet the Board!

Marnee Chua

Co-Founder + Board Member


Marnee is WBI Co-Founder, Executive Director of Clarion West Writers Workshop, Co-Founder + President of Works Progress, wife and mom of two boys. She is a professional fundraiser by training and experience and has worked with non-profit organizations, educational institutions and start-up boards.

Marnee believe that women (including moms!) are valuable members of our workforce and have a lot to bring to the business world. She thinks that children need to see their moms as important members of our society, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Marnee has been a strong coworking with childcare advocate since 2012 and remains persistent in her pursuit of sharing how this model can add value to our society and help women in need.

Eva Monsen

Board President and Founding Board Member


Eva is a data engineering consultant, business owner, wife, mom of two and an important bridge between WBI and the Tech community. After coming close to burning out of the Tech industry, she pivoted and started her consulting business. This transformative career shift allowed her to continue to do the work she loves while also remaining flexible for her family.

Through her own experience, Eva realized that career changes can be surprising and challenging (especially as a mom). She believe that WBI is helping women move through these career transitions more smoothly by offering a supportive environment and career resources. Eva looks to share her experience along with her tech expertise and knowledge of consulting and small business ownership with the WBI community.

Leo Lam

Founding Board Member and Treasurer


Leo is an experienced product development director, responsible for the strategic direction and daily management during all phases of product lifecycle. A seasoned professional with expertise in ensuring that all product design and development activities run at maximum efficiency and effectiveness, while bringing a can-do spirit, creative vision and spark to the dialogue on new areas of impact locally, nationally, and internationally.

Leo has extensive national and international experience in building and managing implementation of a combined campaign work plan, integrating all department activities, milestones and deliverables while always demonstrating honesty, responsibility, integrity, and fulfillment of commitments.

Stephanie Rogan, J.D. 

Board Member and Interim Secretary unnamed.jpg

Stephanie is a licensed attorney, wife and mom of two (soon) who also has a background in Recruiting and Human Resources. As a Seattle transplant, Stephanie found that WBI was an ideal opportunity for her to network and share resources, sharpen her legal skills and help pioneer a new way to work and live that positively impacts the local Seattle economy – all while still maintaining her parental lead role in her family.

Stephanie has strengthened WBI by assisting with with legal research, drafting contracts, networking and pitching in the SVP Fast Pitch competition. After her second arrives around Thanksgiving 2017, Stephanie plans to focus on fundraising and organizational structure.

Marlene Mejia Weiss

Board Member + The Inc.’s Executive Director OutreachBD2F4CE7-95F2-4470-A660-1E1B3F493C4B (1).JPG

Marlene is The Inc.’s Executive Director of Outreach, a marketing/PR freelancer, wife and mom of two boys. With a background in sports marketing and licensed consumer products, Marlene didn’t start cultivating her entrepreneurial spirit until her six year stint as a full-time parent. Using her previous work experience, updated skills in digital marketing and mothering “know-how” for fostering adaptability and managing chaos, she embarked on a career onramp in 2014 that included marketing projects for early stage startups and small businesses.

She realized during this time that like her other women were struggling to balance work and motherhood so she joined the board of the Women’s Business Incubator in 2016 to work on a solution. Since then, she has realized her passion for social entrepreneurship and community building and has enjoyed supporting parents and children at The Inc.

Sarah Beaumont Hines

Board Member + The Inc.’s Executive Director Operations  21557987_10154727900837477_2053450766787153584_n.jpg

Sarah is The Inc.’s Executive Director of Operations and a project management consultant. With a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship and her experience in Corporate HR Operations, Sarah has found the perfect opportunity with the WBI and The Inc. to combine her professional experience with motherhood. Not only does Sarah work hard to create a unique space like The Inc. for other parents, but she also uses it for herself and her toddler.

Sarah has been a coworking advocate in Seattle since 2012. Over the years, she has consulted and supported other Seattle coworking spaces during their early stages and has been involved with the Women’s Business Incubator since its earlier iterations. She looks forward to shaping the future of The Inc. 

imbodens (9 of 44).jpgMelissa Imboden

Board Member

Melissa is a marketer-turned bookkeeper for a nonprofit tech company. As one of The Inc.’s first members, Melissa uses the coworking + playschool hub to balance work deadlines and caring for her 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son and connect with other like-minded parents since she is a recent transplant to Seattle. She believes that having a good career and being a good mom doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive and feels that the WBI understands and shares her perspective. She champions the WBI mission through outreach efforts via community events, the WBI newsletter and online channels.

June Nho Ivers

Board Member


June is a Seattle-based producer from Los Angeles via Chicago and mom of two who makes video content for peopledocumentaries, or big companies. She has heard the many struggles women face in their careers whether it’s on the playground with other moms sharing their frustrations of trying to reenter the workforce after raising their children to late nights discussions with other talented female creatives and executives in the film/tv industry about how to break from industry standards and change the perception of women on camera.

June believes that if you want to make the world a better place for your kids, you need to work together with your community today. She is doing just that by contributing her production expertise to The WBI and helping with The Inc.’s Playschool needs.

Valeri Makam

Board Member

Valeri is a Tech sales/marketing maven and mother of two boys. After a move from the Bay area to Seattle, Valeri transitioned her career and now serves on the board of several local nonprofits that focus around her passion for education.

Valeri finds the value of WBI immense for working mothers trying to balance everything. Having walked those shoes for many years, she applauds moms who want to do it all and shares that having a community is key. She brings a passion for shaping new ideas and hopes to bring interesting partnerships to WBI and The Inc.




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