Founder & Board Member, Marnee Chua

Marnee Chua is a co-founder and currently Head Honchette at Works Progress. She is a professional fundraiser by training and experience and has worked with non-profit organizations, educational institutions and start-up boards. Marnee has helped to start two non-profits and is experienced with outreach, training, and social enterprise. In addition, as a parent to two sons, she is thrilled to get started with a project that will help other parents start their own businesses or work more flexible schedules.

Board President and Founding Board Member, Eva Monsen

Eva Monsen specializes in data engineering and visualization. She brings together your disparate data sources for visualization and analytics, and provide analytics tools training to set your people free to come up with new insights. Eva provides a strong skill set and adaptability to data technologies, data preparation, street smarts, and a wide knowledge of currently available analytics products.

Board Vice President, Marlene Mejia Weiss

Marlene Mejia Weiss specializes in marketing, social media management and PR. She spent most of her career in sports marketing before moving to Seattle with her husband and now runs social media for a couple local small businesses along with raising her two sons.

Founding Board Member and Treasurer, Leo Lam

Leo Lam is an experienced product development director, responsible for the strategic direction and daily management during all phases of product lifecycle. A seasoned professional with expertise in ensuring that all product design and development activities run at maximum efficiency and effectiveness, while bringing a can-do spirit, creative vision and spark to the dialogue on new areas of impact locally, nationally, and internationally. Leo possess thorough understanding of consumer psychology, marketing and the importance of visuals and storytelling for any services/products. Demonstrated experience in fostering ongoing development of the existing team through a shared vision, alignment on roles and direction, and reporting on key impact metrics. Leo has extensive national and international experience in building and managing implementation of a combined campaign work plan, integrating all department activities, milestones and deliverables while always demonstrating honesty, responsibility, integrity, and fulfillment of commitments.

Board Secretary, Sarah Beaumont Hines

Sarah’s background is in corporate human resources and organizational psychology. After receiving her Masters in Social Entrepreneurship, she has volunteered with multiple small business and non profits in their early stage of development and is now very excited to work with the WBI and launch our mission.

Founding Board Member, Jodi Walter

Jodi is a marketing professional and parent with a background in education, sales, and mental health. Her specialities include writing, art direction, putting shoes on little feet with one hand, and diffusing sibling conflict while driving. Shaped by very early work experience—Saturdays at her grandmother’s secondhand clothing store, counseling at camps, and summers in the corn fields of Iowa, Jodi saw firsthand how enterprise builds community and creates connectedness.  Spreading empowerment, acceptance and wellness has been the common theme of her professional roles.

Advisory Board: 

Jessie Rymph, Co-Founder of WBI and Works Progress and Salesforce Consultant

Aviva Vikstrom, Sales and Marketing Professional and Nonprofit Manager

Jennifer Teehan, Community Capital Development

Rebecca Ribbing, Success Strategist and Career Coach

Mike Beebe, Trainer & Consultant, Leadership for Change

Maryann Johnston, Consultant Early Care & Learning

Melissa Mesku, Founder and Editor, New Worker Magazine

Mindi Raker, Co-Founder of Blank Space Design

Kris Steinnes, Founder and Co-leader at Women of Wisdom Foundation