SVP Fast Pitch Seattle

In 2013, we entered the Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch Competition and were selected to continue to the pitching rounds. Although we eventually withdrew from the competition, we feel that the process of applying and, in turn, describing our vision to other candidates and judges was extremely valuable.

See our pitch video here:


The main ideas in our original pitch deck have not changed very much over time. When and where people work is changing. Telecommuting and freelance work are on the rise. But childcare remains prohibitively expensive and structured for a 9-to-5 economy, forcing stressed-out parents to make compromises in their careers and the quality of their childcare.

Many parents are attempting to work a complicated patchwork of hours, including working-from-home, dropping out of the workforce, or starting a home-based business. Women, in particular, tend to give up significant career time and salary in order to manage childcare. Parents need to be supported to stay in the workforce and maintain their careers, productivity, and creativity.

Ellie’s Coworking + Childcare was our original vision to add on-site childcare to a coworking space. A place where children will receive the highest quality care – and parents will be able to fully concentrate on their work during hours that work best for their family. This business model is increasing in popularity and springing up around the globe.

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