Updates for Ellie’s Coworking + Childcare

Since we opened Works Progress in the fall of 2012, we have put our efforts into creating a welcome coworking environment for all. As a result, we temporarily put aside our dream of adding childcare. However, we never completely let go of the concept and while we’ve been researching the possibilities, needs and market, we have met some amazing women from all over Seattle and the country.

Nationwide, coworking with on-site childcare has gone through some ups and downs over the past 3-5 years. Three of the first spaces to open have already closed down. Last year, NextKids opened in San Francisco and this year, we’ve seen the opening of Nido in North Carolina. In addition, we know of several that are in the early stages and hope to open in 2015, as well as a few with alternative models, such as Collide – offering pop-up childcare in places where parents can get some work done for a day at a time.

In Seattle, the expense of upgrading older buildings to meet childcare standards has been prohibitive, especially if the intent is to provide support for working mothers of all income levels. The dilema has forced us to really look at our goals.

It is through this process of articulating our passions, ideas and experiences that a group of us have come together to start a new Women’s Business Incubator. A nonprofit organization that will simplify entrepreneurship and focus on our own community. Read more about our vision here.

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