The Worst of Both Worlds

There’s been a lot of press lately around the Yahoo decision to call their employees back to the office.  The fantastic Week Magazine included it as their “Controversy of the Week,” and here’s an excerpt, that makes me so happy to read.

From The Week Magazine:

“‘As a working mother,’ said Karen Finerman in, Mayer and Joy’s decision makes ‘perfect sense.’ It sounds wonderful in theory to combine the joys of stay-at-home motherhood or fatherhood with a fulfilling career, but what you end up with in practice is ‘the worst of both worlds.’ Juggling child care and work means you can’t focus properly on your job, and while you ‘tease’ your children with your physical presence all day, ‘your complete late of mental presence’ often leaves them confused and upset….People think working at home will help them achieve a ‘work-life balance’ said Katie Roiphe in But there is nothing ‘balanced’ about trying to calm a tantrumming toddler while listening to a conference call and simultaneously writing an e-mail from your boss. In this hyperconnected, workaholic world, what we really need is ‘more separation from work and life,’ not less. That’s why most people are better off with a physical office outside the home.”

Thank you, The Week, for putting this all so well. Marnee and I are, of course, still working on finding a place to make our coworking and childcare vision a reality. And this gets me so excited because we KNOW there is a need!

More links:

Here’s Fast Company’s pros and cons on working from home, at the end of which they mention Coworking.

FastCompany article on Coworking.

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