Jelly Week

If you haven’t heard about a “jelly” yet, but you hang around a coworking space or people trying to get one together, you will!

From the good Volk in Germany:

Jellies are temporary local collaboration events free of charge for coworkers of all kinds.

Many new and developing spaces hold jellies to grow their community. This week (January 14-20) during the 2013 Worldwide JELLYWEEK you may be surprised to know that 28 hosts from 41 countries in 6 continents have officially registered with the Worldwide Jelly Week website.

Jelly With Us On Wednesday
Coworkers, entrepreneurs, change-makers, techies, innovators and other problem-solving networks are invited to join any of these fun events. Works Progress will be hosting an all day free jelly from 10am-6pm on Wednesday, January 16. After, we plan to head over to the Raygun Lounge in downtown Seattle to join others from the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance for a gathering in celebration of Jelly Week.

If you want to know more about Jelly Week or stopping by for a free day of coworking at Works Progress, feel free to give us a call at 206-466-1624.

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