The Sad State of Maternity Leave

I’m gearing up for my first focus group today at Office Nomads (12:30! You can still come!) So I’ve been honing in on my messaging, and this morning Iris of NextSpace, shared this article on Facebook. How The Zero Weeks Of Paid Maternity Leave In The U.S. Compare Globally, by Amanda Peterson Beadle of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, provides a key answer to the question, “Why is coworking and childcare such a vital service?”

With zero weeks of paid maternity leave, women who want to spend more time with their newborns need to get creative to earn a living.

From the article:

Without guaranteed paid maternity leave, many of these working women face significant financial hardship by having to choose between their paycheck and their families.

Women are forced to put their careers and financial future at risk simply because they want to have children. During their pregnancy, they face being fired unfairly or not being able to properly care for themselves. They should not have to worry about making ends meet without paid maternity leave on top of that.

Thanks, Iris, who is actually on maternity leave, for sharing this article that demonstrates the need for women to support other women. In the long term, the maternity leave system (and non-existent paternity leave) needs to be overhauled. For now, let’s create a space in which we can support women raising their children and achieving their career goals.



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