Building Momentum

Huge thanks to the 52 people who have taken the survey so far! You are all amazing. Thank you for putting such thought and time into your responses.

Here’s a sampling of the excitement people are feeling about this idea:

  • “I would love to have a place to get some work done while knowing that my child is being cared for but is still available for me to get my cuddles and snuggles in when I need to!”
  • “This is an amazing idea. As a young mother who works in non-profits who also is a mother of a girl under the age of one this would do a lot to open up my work options.”
  • “I love the warm, community-minded vision you have, I have been wanting to connect this way since moving to Seattle, I’m so starved that even the idea is enlivening! Thank you!”
  • I have been dreaming of something like this!!! i would use it starting right now! i’m a stay at home mom and self employed, it is so hard to juggle both, something like this would allow me to meet work deadlines as they arise and not feel so alone while working from home, i love the idea!”
  • “I think something like this is LONG overdue, and Seattle seems like a prime locale. I think most parents have struggled around work-home time-splits to make the best decision for them, and having an option that truly and flexibly supports working families is a great idea. A lot of potential there.”
  • “I think you have a slam dunk of a business and we need people like you to help lift other women up.”

Thank you for sharing your concerns with me, as well. The main concerns are cost, noise, will the care work with my individual child, and will it be flexible. I am working on the business plan and will get back to you with more details on all of this as it arises. Many of you expressed an interest in providing some child care in exchange for lowering your costs. I love this idea! Keep ’em coming!

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