Bake-At-Home Mama

Under the state's new cottage-food rules, Jennifer Greiner Clark can legally sell cakes she bakes and decorates at her home. “New law sweet news for at-home bakers” declares The Seattle Times today. The Cottage Food Act will allow bakers to sell cakes, cookies and other “low risk” baked goods that are made at home.  They interview the gorgeous Jennifer Greiner Clark who bravely reveals that she sells decorated cakes under the table.

Here’s the best part of her story. She looked into renting a commercial kitchen space but

“she found it prohibitively expensive, particularly because she would also need to pay for child care. At home she bakes and decorates after her children are in bed.”

So of course I’m thinking…hmm…are there enough people in her situation who would want to share a commercial kitchen? Does it even work that way? Or would a co-baking, coworking and childcare facility be able to meet the standards of the Cottage Food Act? Maybe bake-at-home parents will want to use a work space and childcare while they deal with business e-mails, paying bills, etc.

It was great to see a work-at-home mother/entrepreneur featured on the home page of the paper! Keep ’em coming!



  1. This was one of my original thoughts, but apparently the city of Philadelphia codes make it incredibly difficult to make work (requiring each person who uses the kitchen to carry their own insurance, etc). It’s also super expensive to set up a commercial kitchen, so I was only going to do it if a space I found already had one. Good luck! 🙂

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