Coworking Conference in Austin

I’m just getting back from The Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC), which was one intense, worthwhile day in Austin. My brain is still recovering from all that networking, so I will just share a few thoughts now.

Tacos and margaritas with Alex and Chelsea from Office Nomads
  • I met a woman who told me she’d actually had child care at her coworking space for about a year and a half, but stopped when it was unsuccessful. They provided care for a few hours at a time, while a parent remained on site. (I’ve started calling this the “Fred Meyer model” of child care – you can drop your child off while you’re shopping or at the gym). Licensing wise, it may have also been classified as “family home care,” because the building had been a house. She believes they were not successful, because parents used it only as an alternative to their main care giver, when Grandma was sick, for example. I told her I am planning to offer full time care for infants and toddlers, which she believes would work. She even said she hopes to try it some day herself! Awesome!

Another enterprising young woman, Jessie Rymph – founder of Coworking Childcare, is tackling the childcare issue, and hopefully figures out a solution to the million regulations surrounding, so that others can follow suit. One of Deskmag’s guest writers, Johanna Voll, has been researching childcare and coworking as a part of her Master’s thesis, and she has found very few spaces anywhere in the world that include it. I am making sure to connect the two of them. Who know’s, let’s see what happens with topic in this year.” –Julianne Becker

I heard this kind of thing a lot: “People will be watching you to see how this goes.” No pressure. 🙂

The Coworking Space Ship is the wonderful group from DeskMag who are traveling around the world visiting spaces and writing about them. They’ll be landing at Office Nomads on March 23.  You should attend! We could meet and you can learn more about coworking! There are panel discussions in the afternoon, with mingling and drinks in the evening. I’ll be there in the evening. Join me!

  • I have never been to Austin before so the constant downpour of rain wasn’t too disappointing. The rain gave strangers the opportunity to joke about us feeling right at home there. And now I realize, it would have been the perfect opportunity to wear a purple raincoat! Damn.
  • In closure, I encourage you to join the Google Group! Scroll down to check it out.

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