Coworking out the wazoo, literally*

The Oatmeal demonstrates incorrect usage of the word "literally" and makes fun of jerk-face bigots with this loverly shirt. Click pic!
  • Just finished Alex Hillman’s Coworking Workshop and I am eager to make progress. Major take away: Establish your core values, write an “identity statement” and every decision you make will stem from that. It’s like Stephen Covey’s concept of being “principle centered”
  • Vice-Chair of the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance! The monthly meeting of space owners (still called Coworking Seattle on the website) is expanding to include more types of collaborative spaces. It’s also officially becoming a 501(c)3, thanks to the dedication of Brian of Eastlake Mail and Chelsea of Office Nomads, and I’m on the board!
  • Attending the Global Coworking Conference in Austin in two weeks!!
  • Improving the Coworking Wiki. We’ll be kicking off a big project in Austin to make vast improvements to the Coworking Wiki. I say “we” because I’m helping with fundraising and writing copy. More details to come when the project launches! I’ve been spending a lot of time at Office Nomads while working on this project, and love becoming a part of this community!
  • Other thoughts: West Seattle for the space?! Partner with an existing childcare provider?


  1. West Seattle is hell to get in and out of right now due to the viaduct replacement and Spokane St / West Seattle bridge construction. There’s no way I’d travel there across the bridge for coworking but the people who are already there definitely have an incentive to find a solution in WS. And you might possibly draw people from Burien.

  2. Oh man. A friend who lives there was just telling me it’d be a great market AND how he can get from there to Capitol Hill at 8am in 25 minutes. Because most of us outsiders think it’s like going to Bellingham, it probably would only work for West Seattle-ites. Just wanted to open it up and see where I get the most traction. 🙂 Thank you for your comment!!

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