10 Benefits of Coworking

Shared Space created a wonderful list, 10 Benefits of Coworking, which I believe can be whittled into two categories: being around other people and saving money.

Being Around Other People:

  1. Expand your personal and business networks with fun and ease
  2. Work more productively by surrounding yourself with others hard at work
  3. Decrease your feeling of isolation as a freelancer/small business owner
  4. Increased sense of community and trust amongst peers
  5. Create new opportunities to collaborate on projects too large for your own business
  6. Absorb new ideas from other industries not usually within your network
  7. Increased chances of potential office romances 🙂

Saving Money:

  1. Reduce the amount of common office overheads like broadband and printer costs
  2. Work at a high quality office or location otherwise beyond your budget
  3. More mobility and not having to be chained to long leases

(All their text with my order and emphasis.)

A word on office romances: The best thing to do is have one of your coworkers introduce you to a friend (or to her husband’s coworker’s roommate, in my case!) It’s benefit #1 of coworking: “expand your personal network” i.e. pool of eligible hotties. Even if you don’t work for the same company, it’s probably still not a good idea to date someone you could run into every day before you’ve had your coffee.

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