What does Coworking look like?

Read in Gigaom today about various current forms and values of coworking. From environmentalists to savvy entrepreneurs, coworking is expanding as each participant brings his/her own perspective to the mix.

A few quick thoughts on what I foresee:

  • I envision a strong community that supports new parents and their children, but is made up of a wider sector of the population. I don’t have kids myself!
  • I see a creative, collaborative space for graphic designers, writers, programmers, scientists and more.
  • More than desks with laptops. I will have my sewing machine on a table and will probably be working on a quilt or a Halloween costume.
Bailey Bones, future coworker
  • Conference rooms. I may rent out meeting rooms and would love to give non-profits a free or discounted rate.
  • Dogs welcome!
  • Lots of coffee.
  • Six weeks to 30 months of cuteness cared for by amazing staff in a sound proofed room nearby 🙂

Let’s see how this evolves over the next year.


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