About Women’s Business Incubator

Women’s Business Incubator is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing confidence, growth and leadership for women to achieve greater success in business and their careers. The number of women-owned businesses is growing rapidly, and yet women business owners continue to have difficulty accessing flexible childcare, funding, financing, mentors, and a supportive community.

The organization’s initial focus is to help overcome the childcare barrier, specifically for parents of infants up to preschool-age children. Raising children is a demanding job for any parent, but has historically placed a greater burden upon women where many have had to rethink their careers or put their careers on hold entirely. This issue has resulted in unique challenges women face when climbing the corporate ladder, reentering the workforce or building a business.

In an effort to provide a space and the resources needed for women to thrive, Women’s Business Incubator launched its flagship program The Inc, a community coworking + playschool hub located in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle. It is the first nonprofit coworking with childcare model in the US. It offers a unique, neighborhood workspace with flexible, affordable childcare and fosters a positive, child-friendly workplace culture.

Women’s Business Incubator realized that to truly overcome the childcare barrier, the entire community needs to be involved and supportive to shift away from the mindset that managing childcare falls solely on women. Therefore, The Inc. is a space that welcomes ALL parents to learn, work, grow and contribute to their community while still being near their young child(ren).

Women’s Business Incubator’s goal is to replicate The Inc. in more Seattle neighborhoods and eventually other US cities and create hyper-local coworking + playschool  hubs based on the unique needs of that particular community. As The Inc. grows, Women’s Business Incubator hopes to create sliding scale memberships and offer scholarships to assist lower-income and student parents with joining The Inc.

In the future, Women’s Business Incubator seeks to focus its work on minimizing other barriers facing women in their careers and business. Women’s Business Incubator’s vision with the expansion of The Inc. is to help create more opportunities for women to seek investors, offer micro-loans to women-led businesses, build a female mentorship program and facilitate other resources that lead to greater gender equity in business.

Feeling inspired? Interested in a tour at The Inc.?

Learn more details here.

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  1. Hi! Your pop up childcare at Wunderkind sounds amazing! Any chance you can do this on Mercer Island? It is desperately needed. I would imagine a church here could work with you (maybe Mercer Island Presbyterian Church)?

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